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Trump Announces His Return To The Electoral Campaign 10 Days After His Coronavirus Diagnosis

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Oct 11, 2020

Today’s pace is frantic. This Saturday marks 10 days since Donald Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus and the president of the United States does not seem willing to spend another minute locked in the White House. The president intends to hold a large outdoor event this Saturday at the White House, where he will deliver a speech.

A campaign rally in Florida is scheduled for Monday night. And the icing on this Friday night will be his prime-time appearance on a Fox news program where he will undergo “a televised medical evaluation.”

While the president’s personal doctor considers that he can have “a safe return” to his commitments, the president of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, presented a bill on Friday to create a commission that allows Congress to apply the amendment 25 of the Constitution, the one that talks about taking power away from a president for reasons of incapacity, among others.

In Pelosi’s opinion, Trump is “in a state of alteration” due to the treatment he is following to fight covid-19, which has involved taking, for example, the corticosteroid dexamethasone. During the presentation of the bill to create the commission to help decide if a president is “capable” of governing, the Democratic leader wanted to clarify and said that what came out of that delegation would not be applied immediately. “This is not just about President Trump,” said Pelosi, clearly politically motivated by questioning the president’s stability. “He will face the judgment of the voters. But it has shown us the need to create a process [of succession] for future presidents. ”

Pelosi insisted on denying that it was political opportunism 25 days before the November 3 elections and argued that launching a commission on “presidential capacity” was necessary to give “a certain feeling of comfort to the people” regarding the stability of the Government. . “The public needs to have information on the health status of the president,” stressed the Democrat, while demanding to know the test in which Trump tested negative before announcing that he was infected last week. The opacity of the White House and the contradictory statements of some members of the president’s environment have fostered speculation that Trump carried out campaign events and events when he was already ill.

“ If the president wins this election, yes, it could apply to him. If not, it would apply to the next president ”when necessary, the legislator said. The diagnosis of Trump, who had at least two oxygen drops last weekend, has led, in the opinion of Democrats, to the fact that there is a gap in the constitutional process to declare that a president is incapable of exercising power. of office, and therefore deprive him of power. “In the era of covid-19, which has devastated the staff of the White House, what happens if a president, any president, ends up in a coma, or depending on a respirator, and has not established the temporary transfer of the power? ”said the bill’s co-author, Congressman and constitutional expert Jamie Raskin.

The president’s reaction to Pelosi’s commission was immediate and was within the tone that the president uses with his adversaries. “Crazy Nancy is the one who should be under observation. They don’t call you crazy for nothing! Trump wrote on Twitter. And he didn’t stop there, he also accused Pelosi of wanting to get rid of the Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden.
“Crazy Nancy Pelosi is targeting Amendment 25 with the goal of replacing Joe Biden with Kamala Harris. Democrats want that to happen fast because Sleepy Joe is gone! ”Trump tweeted.

Since it was known that he had tested positive for coronavirus, Trump has only been seen in public on his way out to the Walter Reed Military Hospital, on a brief visit to his followers outside the health center, and on his arrival at the White House after registering himself. For the rest of the time, he has communicated with Americans through Twitter videos that border on surrealism. Meanwhile, he has given several interviews to the Fox network, one of which he conducted on Thursday to ensure that he was “completely recovered”, despite the fact that his voice was clearly affected and his erratic speech was interrupted by several coughing spells.

As the president had planned, the Fox network will be the place where he will be interviewed in person this Friday night – possibly in a segment previously recorded at the White House – to undergo “a televised medical evaluation” in front of the cameras. Tucker Carlson’s show at eight PM local. Once again he will fulfill the reality television that has given him so many moments of glory and that facilitated his way to the White House as a well-known character and alien to the “swamp” of Washington.

The next three weeks are expected to be a marathon of uncertainty. Everything indicates that Trump will not participate in any of the other two presidential debates that were on the agenda. For the one on October 15, which will be virtual, he has already announced his refusal to intervene because he considers it a waste of time. Everything suggests that the president has come to the conclusion that the debates harm him more than they favor him. According to various polls, his aggressive attitude and his constant interruptions in the first debate held in Cleveland on September 29 against Biden reduced his support.

He would only have one last chance to debate Biden on television: October 22. In times of pandemic, many are the things that can happen. October has not only come with a surprise, it can come with infinite ones.

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