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Encounter with Jordi Pujol in Catalonia has been Exposed

ByVol Mrd

Sep 14, 2020

All of this is worse than we think, because it is not just a matter of money or work, it is something that seriously affects the head is something very strange about this disease.

You read the press or watch television and they relate infections and deaths to you as something abstract, because you are alive, you are not in the hospital, but you know that there are many people around you who are sick and, furthermore, one day it may be you.

But you are not sick. If we compare with the figures, those who are not sick form a much larger group. We are potential victims, and this is the threat we have above us.

My father had put a chair on the balcony. Looking back, it is very moving to think that my father, who was watching the war from his balcony, did not know that he would be killed in the bombing of The Hague

We lived near a military airport. My father had put a chair on the balcony Looking back I find it very moving to think that my father, who was watching the war from his balcony, did not know that he would die in the bombing of The Hague four years later.

Our house was totally destroyed war was noise, bombings, planes pandemic, on the other hand, is silence, it is in hospitals. There are terrible tragedies in nursing homes.

I myself was in the hospital, in Germany, in the last few months. I don’t want to talk much about it, but you understand me if I tell you that my wife, Simone, was not allowed to visit me… There was silence: the pandemic is a threatening silence for the people, for those who are really involved.

I believe in Europe. And I see how some regimes, like those in Hungary and Poland, which did not share our past, are not sharing our future now, because they do not share our present.

Hungary and Poland and other countries that should host some of the refugees and do not have to be heroes for it, but should at least be moved by the situation of those who are drowning trying to get there.

These countries that do not accept anyone are awakening a very sad spirit. The refugees risk their lives, but they come, they come like drops, one, two, three, five, but in the end they come, and they must be welcomed.

Disintegration is another threat that you address in your book El detour a Santiago , regarding an encounter with Jordi Pujol in Catalonia. You were saying that one day we might see a Catalan ambassador in Riga, a Latvian one in Zagreb, another Slovenian in Bastia. He pointed out that paradox of “growing and shrinking at the same time.”

While Europe tries to unite there are parts of different countries that are trying to separate. We have seen it in Italy, although now that has diminished there.

In Spain it is a phenomenon that does not end. I can’t say that I don’t want to talk about Spanish politics, because I read the news, both here and when I’m in Spain, although now I can’t go back to my beloved home in Menorca.

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